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TRM Filtration is a leading supplier of unlimited industrial filtration parts, components, and systems. TRM is a full service parts dealer all filter manufacturers, including product lines such as Moldow, Balemaster Balers, Blower Application Co., with a wide range of filtration products and services for multiple industrial applications.

A Division of Air Craftsmen, Inc.

Markets Served:

•ceramic •corrugate •fiberglass •paper •pharmaceutical •plastics •rubber •wood •& more

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TRM Filtration is a leading representative for major manufacturers of filtration products. We can supply:

•baghouses •baling wire •baler parts •balers •cages •conveyors •cyclones •filter bags •grinders

•material handling fans •replacement filters •replacement parts of any brand

•shredders •shredder parts •waste separators

In addition, TRM provides diverting valves, duct silencers, standard or custom ductwork and fabricated hoods. We also are able to offer custom fabrication for cyclones, fan wheels, and fan assemblies.  If there is a material handling system on the market, we can assist with any parts and/or service needed to keep a system going.

We’ll help you navigate through the product and/or replacement parts selection to fit your exact application. After our initial discussion, we may recommend on site technical support, co-ordination with vendor specialists or re-conditioned equipment. From our extensive cross-reference list of the industry’s proven products, we can then provide you a quick and accurate quotation.

Call TRM Filtration to discuss your next pneumatic and/or mechanical application.

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Why Choose TRM Filtration?

Trusted Brand Names

TRM sells only top-of-the-line international, name-brand, waste-handling equipment, for both pneumatic and mechanical applications. Products include baghouses, balers, conveyors, cyclones, grinders, material handling fans, replacement filters, shredders and waste separators for multiple industrial applications.


Experienced Leadership

TRM’s leadership team has over 40 years of experience designing and specifying filtration equipment, across the United States and in 6 foreign countries. TRM assists with design, consultation, sales support and technical services for industrial applications. Filtration experience in various industries includes ceramics, corrugated, fiberglass, paper, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, tissue and wood.


Exclusive Air Filtration

TRM is the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the TRM Filter. Available in various configurations for multiple applications, the TRM Filter offers high efficiency, low air-to-cloth ratios and is environmentally clean, separating 99.9% of dust particles.

Contact TRM Filtration for assistance with your next pneumatic and/or mechanical waste-handling requirements.

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