TRM Filtration is a leading supplier of industrial filtration components and systems for a variety of markets. Product lines include Moldow, Balemaster Balers, Blower Application
Company and a wide range of filtration products and services for multiple industrial applications.

TRM'S Services Include design consultation, sales support and technical services for single and multiple filtration
systems. TRM inventories replacement parts for Moldow pneumatic waste handling filtration applications. Parts
are also available for blowers, shredders and material handling fans.

TRM Filtration offers you the best of the best when it comes to air handling and filtration for dry applications.

Dust collection is often seen as more a nuisance. At TRM Filtration we believe a properly designed system
can reduce shut downs, improve productivity while making maintenance easier and more cost effective.
Air Filtration Equipment, Air Handling System, Cyclone Dust Collection Systems, Dust Collection System, Industrial Air Filtration, Saw Dust Collection System, Wood Dust Collection and Moldow Dust Collection

Markets Served:

Ceramic Corrugated

Fiberglass Paper

Pharmaceutical Plastics

Rubber Wood